Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Not Like Other Girls

"You're not like other girls," he says with a half smile. I shift nervously in my seat and tug at my skirt. Noticing my discomfort, he walks over to me and places his pointer finger beneath my chin. Gently, he lifts my face to make eye contact. "I mean that in the best way possible," he whispers and averts his stare to my lips. I giggle as he leans into me with an expectant pout, placing my finger on his eager mouth. His quiet frustrated groan feels like an achievement. Smiling to myself, I walk to the counter and grab the bottle of red wine. Pinot noir goes best with red meat, of course.

His hands explore the sides of my waist and wrap around the front of my torso as I'm pouring the dark crimson liquid. I feel his breath hot on my neck as he softly presses his lips against my warm skin. He pushes his body closer into mine. Shivers tingle up my spine as his tongue licks a neat line up to my ear lobe. His embrace tightens around me as he gently bites down, inducing a soft moan from my throat.

"I want you so bad," he groans, impatience dripping from every word. I turn around to face him, leaning my lower back on the kitchen counter. Taking a sip from my glass, I keep the intense eye contact knowing how much this is teasing him. His flushed lips are slightly parted and green eyes hooded with the weight of lust. I place the wine beside me on the counter and pick up his hand. Bringing it up to my face, I put my mouth around the tip of his pointer finger. Staring at him, I take my mouth to the base of his finger and suck slowly. Testing, tasting. "Fuck," he whispers, closing his eyes. I place his hand on the side of my face and smirk at him. He hesitates for a moment, then roughly pushes his lips onto mine.

Our tongues explore each other's mouths as his hands frantically rub, grab, pull on every inch of me. In an animalistic frenzy, he quickly kisses down my chin and onto my chest. I moan, feeling his teeth sink into my skin. Pressing my hands against his chest, I slowly push him off to slow down the pace. Breathing heavily, he smirks at me. I smile back as my hands begin to unbutton his shirt. He watches him undress him, biting his lip. Taking my time, I slowly undo each button one by one. Impatience takes over as his hands hurry mine. He whips the navy shirt off as quickly as possible. I laugh, putting my arms around his neck and kissing along his defined jawline. He hand inches down the side of my body and up my thigh, underneath my skirt. I feel my underwear gently being tugged down by his fingers. My body tenses up and my sharp nails dig deep into his back.

"Fuck!" he whimpers. I immediately let go of him, falling back into the counter. The wine glass topples over and spills on the counter, staining my dress.

"I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?" I apologise. He laughs, shaking his head.

"No, no, it's fine. Besides, I like it rough," he winks at me. "Don't worry about the wine, I'll clean it up later," he says as he leans down and kisses my lips. "But we will have to get you out of that dress," he whispers into my ear.

Taking my hand, he guides us toward the bedroom. He sits on the edge of the bed and stands me in front of him. "You are so gorgeous," he whispers. I shake my head in defiance. "Turn around," he demands. I face my back to him, watching his movements through the mirrored wardrobe. I feel a little bit nervous, as I always do before moments like this. He grabs the zipper of my dress and begins to slowly undo it. I sigh deeply as he suddenly stops.

"What... the... fuck?" he stammers, taking his hands off my body. The scales on my back glisten a dark oil-slick colour in the dim light. I turn around to see his incredulous facial expression.
"I guess I'm not like other girls," I smile coyly as I unzip the rest of my dress and let it drop to my feet. Caressing his shocked face with the back of my hand, I lean down to his mouth and kiss him softly. Moving my mouth to his jugular, I bite down. Hard. My teeth break through his supple flesh like a bruised apple. The thick, metallic liquid pours into my mouth. He attempts to put up a fight as I hold him down to the bed, sucking on the open wound. A few moments pass as his body drains of life and falls limp. I let go of him, wiping my mouth and kissing his colourless cheek, staining it with his own blood.

I walk to the kitchen to my hand bag and take out the compact mirror. Fixing my makeup, I smile back to my reflection with pride. Grabbing my phone in one hand, I walk to pick up the wine bottle in the other and head toward the couch. Making myself comfortable, I take a large swig from the red wine and relax. Sighing, I look to my phone and swipe right on my next potential victim.