Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cotton Candy

I am cotton candy

in the way I melt under his tongue 

like a warm sacrificial sweetness

in the way that I am a novelty treat

only an occasional indulgence 

consumed for his amusement

because I quickly become too much

he decides to cut sugar

And I am cotton candy

in the way I melt to his hands

like a sticky relentless reminder

in the way of a grainy texture

his mouth can’t quite get rid of

he licks the remainder off his lips

because others aren't as sweet

he still craves me

But I am cotton candy
in the way that I am soft
like a pink spineless cloud
in the way that I am spun
with misplaced good intentions
both not enough and too much
because I let him
he consumes me

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I Welcome Heartbreak

They tell me to protect myself
and to learn from my mistakes
my lips form a shy smile
I whisper "I welcome heartbreak"

Their brows furrow with confusion
because they struggle to see
over the high brick walls they built
cemented by fear and insecurity

They tell me that I'm silly, that I'm naïve
that I deserve the scars decorating my chest
I trace them softly with a light touch
I say "I know I deserve only the best"

Their eyes squint hard in mockery
because they simply cannot comprehend
with their rough, hardened exterior
even the softest souls are able to mend

I wear my heart open on my sleeve
view the world with a rose tinted sight
I feel too much, hurt often and bruise easily
but I will always choose fight over flight

They swear the rigid armour they created
protects their chest from feeling ache
all I see is a sad shell of themselves
and a heart they have chosen to forsake

I tell them that they can and will survive
if only they could soften and with a little shove
their walls will finally fall and they will know
that life is meaningless if you don't welcome love