Wednesday, June 8, 2016

not the first or last/not a waste of time

the one who kissed him
before you
is not your enemy

her pretty eyes and thinner thighs
don't make you any less beautiful
or less worthy of his love

spitting venom in her direction
will only poison yourself
didn't your mother ever tell you
if you don't have anything nice to say
you're only projecting your own insecurities?

imagining the end before it beginning
is only the heart preparing it's fall
wrapping it in thick cotton
will lead to suffocation

when he tells you what you mean to him
let him speak with conviction
remove your hands from your ears

allow yourself to feel deeply
life is too short
to stay safe
in the shallow

hold each other's hand firm
without crushing bones
tight enough to feel secure
relaxed enough to let go

the death of a flower
doesn't minimise it's beauty in bloom
so why do we think differently
about relationships?

love is never a waste of time
don't determine the importance
by the duration
but by the lessons learned
and how you've grown

your worth and your existence
is not defined
by his love

the one who kisses him
after you
is not your enemy

glaring daggers in their direction
will only deepen your wounds
teach yourself
how to turn your heartbreak
into self preserving gratitude